Pattern to the Bobbleheart hat



I have translates another of my pattern to English, the Bubbleheart hat and it fits perfectly to publish it today considering it it Valentines Day.

I have made this one in Scheepjes Merino Soft and it made it really cozy. I found the fake fur ball when I visited Favoritgarner last  weekend, when we all Stitchbloggers were there, and could not resist buying a few. Now even I think it is fun to wear a hat.


You can find the English pattern here.

You can find the Swedish pattern and pictures of the hat I previously made in Soft fun here.






If you post a picture of something you have made from any of my pattern I like you to tell who the designer is and link back to the pattern.

You can find me as @pysselofix on both Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to tag me in your pictures and use #pysselofix or #patternbypysselofix so I also can see your photo, I love it.


I hope you will enjoy the pattern!


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