Pattern to the Star Pot Coaster



Du kan hitta ett inlägg med det svenska mönstret här.


I made the pattern for this Pot Coaster a couple of years ago but now I have rewritten it and translated it to English.

I have made the pattern in Scheepjes Catona from You can find the pattern and more information in the link below.

I hope you like it!


You can find the pattern to the The Star Pot Coaster here.


The pattern is mine and you may use it for private use but it may not be copied or published on other pages.

If you post a picture of something you´ve made from any of my pattern I like you to tell who the designer is and link back to the pattern. 

Feel free to use #pysselofix and #patternbypysselofix so I also can see your photo and pot coasters, I love it.


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